Individual Adult Psychotherapy

Short-Term Psychotherapy

Best suited for individuals who are dealing with:

  • grief
  • adjustment to life changes
  • illnesses in the family
Medium-Term Psychotherapy
(six to 30 sessions)

Best suited for individuals who are dealing with:

  • a traumatic experience
  • anxiety disorders
  • depression
  • separation or divorce
  • difficult relationships
  • chronic pain and/or fatigue accompanied by anxiety, depression or following a traumatic life event
Long-Term Psychotherapy
(longer than six months)

Best suited for for individuals who are dealing with:

  • childhood trauma or neglect
  • personality disorders
  • repeated trauma that takes place over a long period of time, or re-surfaced with new life challenges

We see children for therapy in the company of their parents. Using a combination of play and talk, we work to draw children forward with their emotions and worries; at the same time, we help parents to respond in ways that deepen the bonds of trust and family.

People enter couple relationships full of hope: for a connection where each can feel that they are seen as they really are, understood and cherished. But many people lack the skills to keep their couple relationship strong. Others find themselves drifting apart rather than together when the relationship is challenged by conflict, by grief, and by difficult life experiences. We help couples to learn safe conflict skills, to remember the hope that brought them together, and to rebuild (or start) a relationship of deeper emotional intimacy.

When couples are separating, we help them to move into the next phase of their lives with mutual respect and courtesy, honoring the relationship that was and planning realistically for the future to come.

When possible, we encourage people who are being treated for traumatic experiences to invite a willing spouse to therapy with them. The support of a spouse is often a powerful element in healing from trauma. Working together in this way usually brings a couple closer together, strengthening the relationship as each partner grows in their understanding, support and appreciation of the other.

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