About Our Space

Therapeutic space is sacred space. The four walls of the therapy room are a safe container for the stories that we tell, the emotions that travel through us, the relationships that heal. Ours is a calming space, which invites that which is inside of our clients—their own unique human spirit—to come forward.

Our office is in a heritage building with a view to the sky and to the water. Eagles soar alongside tall trees by the cliffs, hummingbirds feed by our window in the spring, and the big maple trees offers shade in the summer.

Having a space that is set apart from the daily world allows our clients to focus deeply, to try out new ways of seeing what goes on in their lives, and to develop new skills that they bring to their relationships, work and play when they return to their daily lives.

We focus on the human beings that have come here to tell their truths.

It also allows us, as therapists, to focus without distraction on the human beings that have come here to tell their truths and to grow stronger through doing so. In this special place we find our own power to witness, to honor, and sometimes to transform the stories that get told.

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